We believe in the power of people and connections

We merge technology and humanity to provide you with bespoke solutions for any and all kinds of qualitative projects.



At our core we are a field management company.

We know qualitative research from all angles - inside and out. We believe in transparency in everything we do.

Tech Solutions

Qualitative research has, at times, been slow to adopt new technology. Not us. We enjoy staying abreast of all the technology solutions out there; it's also our job to do it. From ways of capturing information to ways of processing video—we want to learn first, then educate you. We believe in building technology into the solutions we offer whenever possible. We're also “tech-agnostic” and are happy to support any and all technology you might want to use.

Field Management

We have also been at this a long time, and the solutions we’ve developed to manage projects came out of our own needs not being met. We know what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly: what you need and how you need it. Your focus should be on designing and conducting your research, nothing else. That's the foundation of our business and we strive to be a collaborative partner for you. We also value the participants as much as the clients. Their success is the success of your project. We'll make it happen.

Research Services

Who doesn’t need a little help? Once in awhile, you might be shorthanded or have gaps to fill - we can help. If you have overflow work, need assistance with note-taking, back-up moderating, report writing or anything else; just let us know and we can align the right resources for you. We are comfortable in client facing roles and behind the scenes.

We’ll be with you every step of the way

Echo’s aim is to function as a member of your team. We provide the support you need to get the insights you’re looking for. Market research is our passion: we live it and we understand the importance of the connections it facilitates.

Let’s work together.
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