Active Recruiting is Worth the Blood, Sweat and Tears for Marketing Research Agencies

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Passive recruiting is a shortcut your agency can’t afford to take

Sometimes you must explore further, and dig deeper to find quality participants, and that is exactly the case when it comes to actively recruiting participants at Echo Qualitative. It’s tempting to follow the pack and either rely on what is already in a database or on traditional marketing agency approaches. Does that approach have value? Yes, but it’s not nearly enough to produce quantifiable results and it is often devoid of a visionary approach. In short, it may be an easier way to identify respondents but not the best way.

Great Participants are the Glue That Holds Active Recruiting Together

Active recruiting requires rolling up your sleeves and finding quality participants. Finding these folks starts with outstanding screening. Demographics are obviously important but understanding why people do what they do is based on behaviors more so than demographics. Behaviors sometimes come from the experiences learned within a culture and that is valuable tool for any marketing research agency.

Finding Participants Where They Live and Breathe

Echo Qual has a vast network for recruiting that produces valuable and insightful information. We actively recruit online -where people live and breathe – in a way that validates how their behavior is salient to the project. We often must get scrappy, using Linked In, working to get referrals from people who fit the profile and know other folks in their sphere of influence.  With that in place, active recruiting can use technology wisely. One aspect of this is online focus groups. Chat groups online are often among the lowest costs of all online qualitative research methods.

The Value of a Holistic Approach to Marketing Research

Once we have great participants our work is only starting. It’s our experience that another pitfall of passive recruiting is the stimuli, or what we’d call “what’s in it for the participant?” This is a case of failing to place the project into the proper perspective. A more holistic approach  and helps elevate the exchange beyond being a mere transaction and frames for the participant why the project is going to be interesting and even fun for them! You’d be surprised how often that is left out.  A screener should always be advocating for the uniqueness of the project.

Active recruiting for quality participants has many moving parts. But when it’s done right, the results are well worth it for any marketing research agency. Sign up today for the Echo Qual blog and we’ll learn more together!

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