Participant Recruitment and Tech

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In our third blog of the participant recruitment series, we will review how technology is an enabler.

Technology Transforms Qualitative Research

Through qualitative research, you’ll have the knowledge you need about innovations, issues, brands, and services. The recruiting of participants for your market research, however, is just one stage undergoing a transformation by technology. 

For example, video responses, then the analysis of responses, use technology to get more information and glean more from it, with unprecedented accuracy. For example, say goodbye to the anonymous data reports of the past and hello to Voxpopme, which provides top brands with video feedback from some important people – their customers. In addition to improving responses, technology takes recruitment itself to whole new levels, by:

  • Meshing a company’s research goals with the recruiters’ methods;
  • Targeting the right recruits; and
  • Improving the ultimate value of responses, while removing repeated or otherwise faulty data.

For lower costs, tech helps recruiters target audiences capable of producing authentic and meaningful responses, enabling solid qualitative research.

Leveraging Social Media

As we work to recruit participants with the help of online media, we have grown steadily by leveraging tech to our benefit—and yours. Today’s market researchers have treasure troves of information, thanks to the communication lines opened by social media. These offer recruiters who know what to look for (and what to discount) an important set of tools to target respondents. Also, social media and mobile just plain go together. Over the Shoulder has been helping smartphone-based qualitative into the toolkits of qual researchers for a decade.  Also, we appreciate the power of Indeemo for their smart mobile qual and ethnography platform, which makes it easier for researchers to moderate, analyze and instantly probe respondents.

Social media isn’t everything, granted. However, blended with classic best practices, recruitment informed by social media provides excellent research power. (This parallels findings by research for the National Institutes of Health indicating public health research should incorporate mobile and social networking channels, and train staff in the use of social media as standard operating procedures.)

Additionally, search engines and the many levels of online publishing sites can pinpoint people who have contributed to your topic, or regularly share online content on the subject.

What’s Ahead

Recruiting grids are undergoing a transformation. Today, with minimal data entry work, recruiters are using digital Recruiting Management Systems for:

  • Efficiently screening and tracking recruits at every stage in a project;
  • Benefiting from collaborative note keeping, and continually refining industry best practices. 

Using the right technology is, today, a key part of recruiting the optimal study respondents, posing the right questions, and optimizing your project at every stage. We’d love to talk more with you about how tech makes us better, and how we’re committed to its advancement.

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