Qualitative Research Case Studies and Dos and Don’ts

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In the final blog of our series on participant recruitment strategy, we will explore lessons we have learned through case studies and some things to do and avoid.

A business needs to know their clientele inside out. Think of qualitative marketing researchers as detectives, just without the trench coats. When doing qualitative research, consider these examples.

Buyer Trends

One way to a thoughtful qualitative research analysis is to examine historical data for your company and your industry. Look for trends where buyers are purchasing things at higher volumes. The trends help discern the “why” part buyers are making decisions. Sometimes that will involve a social network structure, In other cases, how healthier beverages are creating challenges in this beverage industry case study.

Innovation and Industry Adaptation

Another aspect of participant recruitment using the qualitative research results and then cross-referencing them with quantitative data. This helps to build a stronger database of useful information. This is sometimes called a hybrid technique. Each research method has its strengths and weaknesses, although the combined research findings can bring a more nuanced understanding of the consumer.

The Dos and Don’ts of Participant Recruitment

Do – Avoid participants who frequently participate in marketing research; Do – Work with a recruiting partner that has experience with the key populations that need to be reached; Do – Partner with someone who is capable of using the latest technology and quality recruiting methods to quarantine problem participants; Do – Recognize that the ability to empathize with recruits is a significant factor in procuring quality participants that transcends the power of tech. Don’t – Dive in without clear objectives; Don’t – Use excessive size samples as their expense increases and value decreases; Don’t – Underestimate the importance of participant recruiting to get to the deeper understanding of the consumer.

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