Fall 2018 Echo Newsletter

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Greetings from Echo.

Echo is moving and shaking as fall is here. We’re pleased to announce the continued growth of our team and have branched out into a few new areas but first – TMRE. Echo, along with other members of The Ignite Collective, will not only be attending but presenting at TMRE this year. The topic will be “Power Partners – Two Sides of the Same Coin” and we think it will be very interesting. Martha Llobet, Christina Broat and Kerry Hecht will take the stage and present some scenarios that we’ve encountered over the past year – some funny, some painful. The takeaway will be an actionable list of things to ask for and of your partner relationships from the perspective of a supplier. If you’re still thinking about attending the conference, and you should, we’d love to offer you a discount of 20% by using the code TMRE18IGNITE. TMRE is the #1 event for consumer insights leaders, arming the industry with the skill-sets, tool-kits, and connections needed to transform insights into action. Echo Qual Expands to Quant – With a Twist Over the course of this past year we’ve been playing with some new ideas – mainly recruiting from alternative sources like social media. This isn’t just Facebook and Twitter – this means Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitch, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc… We’ve learned a lot. One of the most interesting things we’ve learned is that we’re getting massive numbers of people hitting our screeners – often in the thousands. Not all of them complete the screener, mind you – but they are real people, living real lives and they are interested in providing feedback, through us, when we sell the experience to them as something that will be interesting, fun and valuable. Now we have an alternative to panel and it’s pretty amazing. With taking full advantage of the technology solutions available to help us validate who they are (mainly that they are real people) we’ve developed an interesting and cost-effective solution. It’s really just a modified version of what we do for qual and we are pretty excited about it. To support this kind of work we rely on our in-house quant specialists – Greg Fain and Tim Lauchlin. Not that we don’t still LOVE our qual. We’ve been busy perfecting our strategies and always learning about new sources for new people. There is nothing we love more than helping our clients ensure that the people providing insights are truly representative of the populations they aim to speak to.

New Faces

Monika Orr, Sales Lead
Monika has worked directly with both enterprise clients as well as market research agency clients to ensure their research projects are custom Monika Orr is in Sales at Echo Qualitative and has worked in the Research Industry for 17 Years. She started at ActiveGroup in 2001 working with the new technology of streaming Focus Groups live. Since then she has worked in sales with several market research technology providers-including FocusVision and iTracks. Monika lives with her husband in Austin, TX. She spends her free time traveling the world, cooking and boating on Lake Travis. Feel free to reach out anytime for info on Echo Qual’s services! Monika@echoqual.com
Alan Patrick, Project Manager
Hands-on leader with years of achievement in market research, financial and marketing services with developed flexibility to lead across multiple industries. Alan’s market research career includes Project Management, Client Executive and Sales with extensive knowledge of the entire research process regardless of the maturity model of the client. Alan possesses a proven ability to successfully managing strategic vendor relationships by setting strategy, driving profitable growth, and creating strong partnerships with vendors. Alex@echoqual.com
Elise Mundell, Project Manager
Elise was able to spread her wings and gain more experience when she worked at a facility in San Francisco, California. Elise has grown up in marketing research with her parents owning a facility in Des Moines, Iowa and was able to get her feet wet in all aspects of the industry. She is well versed in managing projects and has found her sweet spot in managing qualitative studies. While the weather, wine, and lifestyle of California is hard to beat, Elise is happy to be back in the Midwest and have a new work-home in Echo Qual! Elise@echoqual.com

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