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Summer is in full swing and we’re loving it. Traffic is 45% less mind-boggling in Los Angeles, June gloom is gone and there are hills aplenty to hike.

We continue to be grateful for our growth as a company, the strong support, and encouragement we get from our clients and our versatile and talented project management team.

Summer typically means celebrating with family and friends – a time for fun and relaxation (and heaps of work). Rest assured that we are doing that but this year things feel a bit bleaker.

I hesitate to get political on a work blog but I would also feel reticent to post about happy times without acknowledging the horror of what is happening on our border with asylum seekers and their children. I won’t go into a long drawn out post about for-profit detention centers and how truly un-patriotic and un-American this behavior is. Instead, I hope to lead by example.

For the 4th of July, this year Echo is making a donation to KIND (Kids in Need of Defense).

We would ask you to join us in finding a charity that speaks to you and that aims to protect the rights of those who aren’t in a position to protect themselves. Perhaps these small gestures will provide someone much-needed help while we are lucky enough to be surrounded by those that love us.

Happy summer everyone and let’s continue to strive for a kind and inclusive America!

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