Spring 2019 Echo Newsletter

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It’s April and in Los Angeles and it feels like summer. March was jammed with a lot of crisscrossing the country for all the Quirks and for Qual 360.

With spring we’re taking on new people and new challenges. Tim Tauber and Cheryl Kober are the newest members of our team and within a few weeks, we’ll be announcing another growth spurt.
In addition to bringing on a few amazing new people, we’re excited to be working on custom panel builds and an alternative to database recruiting for quant projects. It’s been a few months in the making but we’ve tested the waters and are swimming effectively. It turns out that behavioral and organic recruiting works for projects big and small.

We’ve also been very excited about the services we’ve been able to offer in support of our tech company partners. We love the report writing, community management and programming work that’s been coming our way. Not only has it helped us grow in capabilities but also keep our people, with many diverse backgrounds, engaged in things beyond straight recruiting and field for qual.

2019 is the year for big changes and lots of growth both personally and professionally. It’s not just me, though – it feels like a seismic shift and a good one at that.

Where we’ll be, if you’d like to connect:

  • Alan Patrick and I will be attending IIeX in Austin, Texas from April 23rd – 25th.
  • I will be in Boston from May 15th through May 18th.

This newsletter is a little different. I asked Ashleigh Purcell, who manages our work in Australia (Oh yeah, we’re in Australia now!) to take a stab at it. I hope you enjoy it.


Fresh Perspectives

Fresh perspectives can give us a lift in our personal life. You only have to chat to someone who has just been on a holiday or international adventure to feel the renewed energy. So much of travel is about waking up our senses, feeling alive – experiencing new foods, aromas, ways of life.
Professionally, it almost goes without saying that fresh perspectives are invaluable. But it’s a different kind of lift. Fresh perspectives can push our thinking, solve sticky problems, and make good ideas great ones. In market research, it can mean the difference between chatting to the right people and getting to the heart of the true insight.

The Echo team is built specifically for fresh perspectives, with a range of backgrounds, specialties, and home-bases. Consumer behaviorists, numbers-people and qual aficionados. People who think outside the box, and people that live outside the box, too. Diverse lives outside of work, plus years of marketing experience, gives us the edge when we put our heads together for clients. Did I mention we’ve also got a guitar teacher in the mix? So we walk the walk – to a tune.

If you need a fresh perspective on the problems you’re solving with and for your clients – get in touch, we’d love to chat.

Getting outside our comfort zone is necessary for progress

The other day I ate a cricket as part of a discussion on sustainable protein sources. A pan-roasted, teriyaki cricket, to be exact. Outside my comfort zone, teriyaki and all? Yes. Totally. When I first started atEcho, the concept of finding respondents in unconventional ways was also completely outside my comfort zone. I had come from agency life, familiar with recruitment partners who used more traditional means of finding respondents. Did I have some great respondents? Absolutely. Did occasionally I have some not-so-great respondents? For sure.

So, after learning about Echo – just like the cricket – what seemed bizarre at first soon made perfect sense. There are just some research challenges where the status-quo won’t cut it. Finding people in weird and wonderful ways is what Echospecialises in. Have a juicy challenge? Send it our way! We’ll strategize with you on how to best crack it, so that you’ve got authentic, real respondents tuned in to the relevant category or product. (And no, we won’t make you eat crickets).

Employee spotlight: Sierra Bretz

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Sierra currently resides in rainy Portland, Oregon. Sierra’s interest in consumer psychology and purchase behavior drove her to pursue a career in market research and a MS in Consumer Psychology.

One of the market research trends that Sierra finds the most exciting is the use of neuroscience to track and identify consumers’ subconscious responses, steering future research. Sierra has been with the Echo team since December and thus far, her favorite part has been using her consumer psychology background to analyze and draw insights from consumer feedback.

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