Consumer Co-Creation – We’re Better Together

“Most new products fail”. It’s a statement that gets bounced around a lot when talking about R&D processes and the challenge to find the secret sauce of breakthrough innovation. Combine with tighter timelines and tighter budgets, and there’s more pressure than ever to innovate quicker, smarter, and, most importantly – find something that sticks.

Consumers rule the roost. Understanding their wants, needs, and spending has never been more important. Uncovering insights and making sure that those insights are at the heart of any new product ideas, is crucial for success. Consumer co-creation groups are one such way to keep us true to the core consumer insight throughout the concept development phase. So too, are quick ‘speed dating’ concept sessions with consumers – bringing them in on the second or third day of an innovation workshop to sense check and give feedback to refine and tighten concept ideas, benefit articulations, reasons to believe, and potential prototypes. And if we’re not able to communicate all the above to consumers in a few minutes and get an excited response… we’ll figure out exactly what part of the concept needs work.

Recruiting smart, articulate and creative consumers is important. For the Echo MR recruiters, this means weaving in fun questions and exercises into the screening process to make sure they’re able to think outside the box and add value. We want fun, energetic sessions where the creativity can flow! Because in the words of Jack Johnson – we’re better together.

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