Echo Is Now Recollective Certified!

You may think of Echo as a cutting-edge market research agency, and we are.  That said, we are also a technology support agency. What does that mean? It means, that we work with the market research world’s most cutting edge technology companies to provide a range of support services to their clients and ours.  It’s a fairly unique offering in this space and we love it!  

Here at Echo, we pride ourselves on the ability to not just collaborate with our agency and tech clients alike, but fully immerse ourselves in the culture and offerings of those companies.  A great example of this is our relationship with Recollective.

Recollective, sometimes referred to as “the best-kept secret in the industry”, was recently ranked among the most innovative tech suppliers in the 2019 GRIT report.  They have “a platform that is easy to use, fast to deploy into the field, and rich with features to deliver compelling, innovative, research.” according to their COO Steve Thompson and we tend to agree with him.  In fact, we believe in their product so much that we have multiple members of our staff certified by Recollective as implementation consultants so that we can serve our clients with a seamless project experience and essentially function as an extension of their team.  Echo is the first company to receive this certification designation, so this is a very exciting time for both of our organizations.  

In addition to being able to support programming on Recollective’s platform, we can also provide recruiting support and what we refer to as community management.  This is a key to successfully maintaining long term communities and something that corporate researchers and/or agency clients don’t often have the internal resources to do themselves.  

Community management services look a little like this:

  • Create workflow and organizational infrastructure
  • Creation or review of intake survey
  • Initial programming and set up of the platform
  • Review and program introductory language and/or activities
  • Check community e-mail
  • Troubleshoot and tech support for participants
  • Monitor Live Events/Discussions to make sure things are running smoothly
  • Programming
  • Track event/activity participation and points earned for incentives
  • Community Engagement (e.g. Leaderboards/shoutouts/fun facts, i.e. non-research activities/content)
  • Create community-based articles for members (feedback loop), infographics, etc…
  • Create Community Health Report
  • Incentive Administration – pay incentives for those who choose to receive payment after earning required points 

If you’d like more information on this or any of our services please reach out to


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