Coronavirus Questions

Coronavirus Questions: How will it impact market research initiatives? Just Ask… We’re here to help. On the house.

Echo Market Research is launching “Let’s Ask” to help agencies better understand how “social distancing” is affecting people, and what this might mean for market research. It’s our way of giving back to the industry we love.

What is it? – It’s about facilitating conversations.

Uncertainty abounds right now and we’re all regrouping to understand what it means for us, MR, and what the next steps are. We’d like to help get some clarity for you and your clients around how people are feeling and what is the right way for us to engage with them.

Some questions on our minds are:

  • How can research be conducted right now?
  • Should research be conducted right now?
  • How are consumers feeling in general?
  • What are they doing to look out for themselves and their families?
  • How does this impact their relationships with the brands they use and their purchasing habits?
  • Are corporations doing enough?
  • What else can or should be done?

These are just some examples of things that might be useful to know when having tough conversations within your organization or with your corporate clients about how best to move forward in this environment.

In an effort to help facilitate this Echo would like to offer you and your organization access – on the house – to our participant community and to our followers on social media.

Any organization that wishes will be allowed to ask up to three open or closed-ended questions to our participant community members and social media followers. We’ll program, host and facilitate the collection of the replies. Afterward, we will share those results with you directly and on our website and blog (blinded, of course).

To get the ball rolling we’ll ask the above questions and share the results with you.

With that in mind, if you would like to join us in “Let’s Ask” please reach out to

We love talking with people. Hopefully, working together, we can help bring some clarity to the chaos.

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