Insight Platforms Communities Summit 2020

With a background in digital (online) based market research and having helped build, sell, and consult in the use of online platforms it’s been interesting observing the heightened awareness and associated concerns of conducting research studies online.

Being immersed in this world, it is easy to forget that for a significant chunk of the industry this is still a new and unexplored medium.

I recently attended an online summit hosted by Insight Platforms and it was a great mix of presentations covering poignant topics from creating engaging discussion guides through to generating high ROI. I thought it covered a good range of material catering to experienced online professionals like myself through to those venturing for the first time, and the range of questions after each session reflected that.

The presentation:

An Insider’s Guide to Maximizing Community ROI

with Simon Harrington from Potentiate

Convergence, Creativity and Collaboration: What’s Next for Insight Communities?

with Dr Katharine Johnson and Paul Hudson from FlexMR

Build it Right and They Will Come: 10 Ways to Design Engaging Online Activities

with Nick Campbell from incling

Lean Doesn’t Have to be Mean: The Agility and Efficiency of an AI-Powered Lean Community

with Isaac Rogers from 20|20 Research

Community Evolved: Re-imagining insight communities in the age of mobile messaging

with Matt Kleinschmit from Reach3 Insights.

Here’s some key takeaways compiled by my colleague Sierra Bretz:

  1. Transparency is key, both with community members and internal stakeholders. Being transparent with members about their role and expectations in the community keeps them engaged and invested. It also allows them to plan their schedules to complete all tasks. Being transparent with stakeholders ensures that they have realistic expectations of the community and can help guide their decision making throughout the community. It can also steer the direction of research depending on the stakeholders needs and interests. 
  2. Look at the big picture. When planning for a long-term community, it’s vital to step back and look at the overall goals, objectives, and cadence of the community. While the specific tasks can be developed after the community begins, you need to develop the framework of the community prior to launching in order to make sure that your activities and probes are laddering up to the objectives. 
  3. Make sure your data is actionable. This goes hand-in-hand with #2. Research for the sake of research is interesting, but overall not valuable to your business. Make sure that the insights you are seeking are going to be useful to your business and can help influence business decisions, and not just provide large amounts of interesting but un-impactful data.

If you are interested in this space, want to learn more about online research or are looking for ideas and inspiration, get in touch with us here at Echo and tap into our experience gained from hundreds of projects using a vast array of technology and methodologies.

Incidentally, the presentations above are available to purchase from here and I promise to respond to any questions you may have.

Finally, be safe everyone!

Stay rational, logical and empathetic in these testing times. 

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