Let’s Ask – Survey data shows two-thirds of newly remote workers feel engaged.

The answers keep coming in to our on-going Let’s Ask questions.

As a reminder, Echo is offering at no charge, access to our database and the participants that follow us on social media. We will facilitate the programming, hosting and data-collection of any three open or closed-ended questions. You will receive the raw data and the analyzed results will be shared publicly on our social media and in a newsletter.

The hope, as we’re all getting many questions about how best to behave in relation to research, is to gain some clarity to help our clients (and ourselves) make educated decisions on what the right path forward is.

The latest round of questions were provided by our friends at Tango Card.

Coronavirus update: Echo Market Research survey data shows two-thirds of newly remote workers feel engaged. And they’d appreciate it if their company sent them a gift card.

Echo Market Research surveyed 504 newly remote, full-time employees on the impact
of working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • 30% report feeling very engaged during their workday, while almost 25% reporting feeling very/somewhat disconnected.
  • About 70% report that their company has launched at least one initiative to
    help keep them engaged (Zoom meetings, daily calls, flex time and more).
    Yet 30% say their company is “doing nothing, really.”
  • When asked what one thing their company could do to make them feel
    most appreciated, almost half said some type of gift card (Visa, Amazon,
    restaurant, etc.).

About 50% felt that some type of gift card would make them feel most appreciated, with restaurant, dinner or coffee delivery in second place for about 22%.

Very few respondents reported that their companies were already sending them gift cards or food deliveries to help keep them engaged. Most initiatives have been focused on connectivity and communication, and striking a balance between productivity and wellness.  One respondent said that their company had “implemented a points [program] where you can grant to coworkers for their work and you can cash in for gift cards.”

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