Let’s Ask – Consumers Are Seeing The Positives During The Outbreak

The answers keep coming in to our on-going Let’s Ask questions.

As a reminder, Echo is offering at no charge, access to our database and the participants that follow us on social media. We will facilitate the programming, hosting and data-collection of any three open or closed-ended questions. You will receive the raw data and the analyzed results will be shared publicly on our social media and in a newsletter.

The hope, as we’re all getting many questions about how best to behave in relation to research, is to gain some clarity to help our clients (and ourselves) make educated decisions on what the right path forward is.

Here is the latest round.

Echo Market Research survey data shows that consumers are seeing the positives, appreciating time with their families and using new products / services during the outbreak.

Echo Market Research asked 1,625 US consumers to share positive ways they have been impacted by the Coronavirus, including activities/hobbies they have been able to participate in again and new products/services that have emerged during the outbreak.

  • Over two-thirds (71%) of consumers have been able to resume activities / hobbies during this time. Those frequently mentioned were reading, cooking, and gardening.
  • Many are happy to be spending more time with their families and less time driving / commuting. They are also trying to see humor where possible, laughing at everyday moments with their families and especially turning to social media to watch a video or look at a meme.
  • A majority (85%) of people are self isolating at home and the non-electronic item they most appreciate is a “good book”.
  • During this time, consumers are using new services or using existing services more, especially video conferencing to stay connected with family (90%), distance learning for professionals (78%) and meal delivery (74%).

“Board games with my family and movie night.”

“Crafts, drawing and coloring and reading.”

“Gardening vegetables and flowers, reading a book.”

I’m able to read for extended periods. I’ve been able to listen to old music and enjoy memories.”

“Baking!!! I never have the time anymore. It’s been so nice to make banana bread and cookies and treats for the kids these last few weeks.”

As we learned in a previous Let’s Ask study, a majority (83%) of consumers are watching TV shows and movies during this time. When asked what non digital or electronic item they are most appreciating, many shared books and magazines to read. Others appreciate their coffee makers, their beds for extra sleep and their ovens for home cooked meals.

“All my various craft supplies. It’s allowed me to further tap into my own creativity as well as provided more activities to share with my daughter.”

“Books – I love reading and this situation has given me extra time to catch up on my reading list.”

“Coffee maker! I would be so lost without my coffee!”

“I appreciate my bed the most! Being home and being able to sleep comfortably until whenever I feel like waking up has given me many reasons to be grateful. I am so well-rested now.”

“A good book, because I can escape reality for a bit.”

“A locked door and private working space. Many times my kids or spouse can barge in while I’m in the middle of a video conference or phone conference, which can be embarrassing. I also appreciate the ability to create a symbolic barrier between my remote work environment and my home life.”

“My oven… I’m really enjoying the ability to have home cooked meals everyday. I have control over what I am eating and it feels overall more nutritious than eating out did previously.”

Figure 8. US Consumers. Are there any other products or services that you have started using or would like to use more? Why? (Word Cloud of Respondent Answers)

Many consumers shared that they aren’t doing anything new, instead they are using services more often, for instance video conferencing (Zoom) and curbside pickup for groceries.

Other consumers shared other products or services they have started to use or would like to use more:

“At-home car shopping.”

“I’ve never used pharmacy services as a delivery service before but am now.”

“Internet church.”

“Peloton online spin classes, I downloaded their free trial to try during early Covid-19 outbreak and loved it so much I bought the spin bike and will continue using.”

Base: 1,625 US Internet users aged 18+  April 9, 2020. Source: Echo Market Research

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