Let’s Ask – How Will Consumer Behavior Change Post-COVID-19 and How Have Health Routines Changed During the Crisis

The answers keep coming in to our on-going Let’s Ask questions.

As a reminder, Echo is offering at no charge, access to our database and the participants that follow us on social media. We will facilitate the programming, hosting and data-collection of any three open or closed-ended questions. You will receive the raw data and the analyzed results will be shared publicly on our social media and in a newsletter.

The hope, as we’re all getting many questions about how best to behave in relation to research, is to gain some clarity to help our clients (and ourselves) make educated decisions on what the right path forward is.

Here is the latest round.

4 out of 10 people say when the pandemic has subsided they won’t travel internationally as
often,  and will go out to bars and restaurants less.

Health and wellness is divided! While 41% of Americans say their health and wellness routine has changed for the better, 30% say their routine hasn’t changed at all, and 30% say it’s changed for the worse.

Echo Market Research asked 2,093 US consumers to share ways they have been impacted by the Coronavirus.

  • 88% of those who say their health and wellness routine has changed for the better say that they are likely to continue with those changes, while 36% of those who have changed for the worse say those changes are likely to continue.
  • Whatever the “new normal” looks like, 70% or more say they will “enjoy the little things in life” more, be more “mindful of public and personal hygiene,” and “feeling grateful.”
  • About 4 out of 10 say that when this is over they will “travel internationally” and go out to restaurants and bars less, and attend fewer professional events or other large social gatherings.

More exercise, less fast food, more home cooked food.  Better and more sleep.”

We will not go back to the gym we will exercise at home. We will be mindful of people getting physically too close to us.”

Since the virus I have seen myself substantially begin smoking and drinking. It’s [due to] my stress but I know I am hurting myself a lot more. I’m trying to get a hold of my mindset and fix the issues so I can go back to a healthier lifestyle.

“[This is] normal for me love it. I love the new social distance!

Hygiene, buying food ahead of time, paying attention to world matters, talking to friends and family more online or via phone, searching for work at home jobs.


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