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What we do

Recruiting and field management for online or face to face research: live or asynchronous, groups or IDIs – domestic and international.

Screener Design

Hundreds, maybe thousands of screeners have passed through our hands. We can write them. We like to write them. We're happy to write them for you.

Discussion Guide Design

Along with the right participants, this is the most important piece of the project. With a quick brief, we can pitch in and help with your guide development. We're also experts at taking a standard guide and modifying it for technology that might be new to you.

Back-Up Moderating or Note-Taking

If you need a little back-up help for face-to-face or digital qual, we can help. We have experience moderating both. This experience also makes us great note-takers. We can listen to your brief and act as your ears while you focus on what's happening in the room. We may also be able to suggest some technology solutions that you might not have thought of.

Client Support Services

Additionally, if you need senior level back-room support, coverage for a conference call or someone to function as an extension of your team, we can slip right into that role.

Technology solutions (our favorite part)

It's fun for us to stay abreast of all the technology solutions out there; it's also our job to do it. From ways of capturing information to ways of processing video - we want to learn. We believe in building technology into the solutions we offer whenever possible. We're also “tech-agnostic” and are happy to support any and all technology you might want to use.

  • Asynchronous qualitative
  • Live online focus groups
  • Transcribe groups and support analysis through text analytics
  • AI
  • Video storytelling
  • Hybrid quant/qual
  • Social media recruiting alternatives
  • Mobile Ethnographies
  • Shop alongs

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