We understand the client because we were the client.

Echo’s foundation was built on solving our own problems; problems we were having with data quality, participant reliability and our inability to find solutions that were easily customized.  We needed to return to a place that was participant centric and solutions oriented. In order to do that we had to look at not only the values we have as market researchers but how those values would align with helping our clients achieve their goals.

We believe in people.
We believe in the collective voice and the individual voice.
We believe in using technology to find and amplify those voices.

Echo's purpose is to help you achieve authentic, world class market research. There's too much noise to be listening to the wrong people - let us help connect you with the voices that matter

People are powerful.  From social movements that have defined decades to crowdsourcing relief funds.  When people work together – things get accomplished. Market Research provides the context and the structure.  What we do shapes the world around us. That’s powerful.

The way we do our work, find our people and engage with the people who are the cornerstone of our industry must be relevant.  It must be relevant to the objectives of the project and it must be relevant in the way people communicate with each other and engage with the world.